What fresh hell is this?

My humans brought an evil robot into the house.  It’s some type of food container, but somehow that skinny old man CHARLIE has magical powers over it.  The two are working together.  Torturing me.  Mocking me.   There is some type of clear shield covering the food that only opens when Charlie eats out of it. When I shove him out of the way to get my grub on, it closes!  Right in my face!

I’ve studied Charlie’s movements and I have tried to approach this rude food demon just like Charlie does, but it will never open for me.  I fear that skinny old man has made a deal with the Devil to get food all the time.  I’m willing to negotiate a deal of my own but I don’t know how!  Does anyone know how to communicate with this robot?  It can have whatever it wants from me!






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