They’re not ones to talk…

I saw my humans eat an entire bag of goldfish in one hour while they sat on their butts playing something called “Mario Kart.”

I also overheard that my mom has been trying to be on a diet during something called the “the pandemic.”  But I don’t see anyone lock her in a room for eating something she shouldn’t or for eating someone else’s food!  As for my dad, I saw him eat that Mickey ice cream.

And as for CHARLIE, that skinny old man gets fed whenever he wants.  All day everyday (and night).  I just try to take my rightful share of his food.

Why do they all get to eat so much and I get so little?  What makes them so damn special?



2 thoughts on “They’re not ones to talk…

  1. oh, the torture… archer, will you ever be saved from your misery? your torment?

    dream dreams of tuna seas (and good luck dechonking)

    1. The way it’s going, it looks like my misery will be never ending and dreams of tuna are all I have. Thanks for the well wishes with my dechonking!

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