I only purr when I eat

Is it a choking hazard?  Maybe.  Is it the thing in life that makes me happiest? You’re damn right.  Nowadays that simple joy has become so unbearably rare, thanks to my “extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile” humans.  Ok ok, I might also purr when I am in my floofy bed—my SECOND favorite thing to do.

Charlie gives the purring away too easily.  Our humans barely have to pet him before he starts purring like he’s starting his Charlie engines—at the Monster Jam World Finals.  They have to work for it from me.  Maybe that’s why he’s the favorite and gets to eat all the time?

5 thoughts on “I only purr when I eat

  1. I too only purr when I eat or should I say when I eat the food that isn’t poisonous. If I see one more can of grain free/single ingredient food heads will roll. All my best.

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