Happy Adoption Anniversary to Me!

I am back after a holiday break and today is my adoption anniversary!  Yes, this is the day I was brought home by those fat hypocrites.  But their attempts to starve me have failed.  I have developed even more stealthy tricks to get more food — and not just any food — the GOOD stuff.  The stuff they give Charlie!

I sneak out when my humans aren’t paying attention (losers) and launch myself to grab a bite.  They have a little freak out and complain about his food being “high calorie” or something.  I’m assuming high calorie means delicious.



This was me my first day home!

Ok ok I might have packed on a LITTLE weight since then…

8 thoughts on “Happy Adoption Anniversary to Me!

  1. Happy anniversary!

    So happy to hear that you are making even greater strides towards being fed proper food 😉

    Sofie the underfed cat

    1. That was when I was 8 months old, back when I was young and thin. I’m afraid I’ve packed on some holiday weight…will post an update soon 🙂

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