Day Zero – My humans started feeding me less today

Today started like any other.  My tummy started grumbling and I woke up my humans like I always do – by eating my mom’s hair and chewing on my dad’s beard. 

Then, one of my humans put me in a container and took me to see strangers.  They seemed nice enough.  That is, until one of them put a stick up my butt.  After a few minutes, a man came in.  He seemed to be the leader of these butt intruders.  He talked to my human for a little while.  I overheard something like “gained 8 pounds in 6 months” and “obese.”  Who knows?  I was just happy to be back in the container and away from all the butt play.  Plus, I was getting hungry.

We got home and that’s when it started.  The torture.  The starvation.  The cruelty.  My mom poured a microscopic amount of food in my bowl, almost too small for the naked eye to see.  I gobbled it up and looked around for the rest of my meal.  But there was no more food to be found.  I thought maybe they didn’t realize I wanted—no, I needed—more food.  I tried to tell them! I circled my bowl screaming at the top of my lungs the entire day.






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